Siritanyi Children's Home

About the Home: Siritanyi Children’s Home was established with the support of Endtime Harvest Church in 2005 in Bungoma, Kenya. Bungoma has countless numbers of orphaned and abandoned children due to diseases including AIDS, and extreme poverty. The home was established to provide orphans and disadvantaged children with basic needs in a home environment, enabling the children to live normal lives and to provide hope for their future. The children at the home attend school and are provided with food, clothing, medical care, as well as both spiritual and social guidance. The home is recognised by the Ministry of Social Services, Children’s Department in Bungoma.

Siritanyi Children’s Home is currently home to 22 orphaned, abandoned, or disadvantaged children. The Home has 4 staff to assist with running of the home: A Home Parent/ Cook, a Night Guard and General Worker, a Day Guard, and a Caretaker.

Sponsorship program: We provide people with the opportunity to sponsor the children at the home for $50 per month, helping to cover each child’s various needs including food, clothing, medical, schooling and other general needs. Each sponsor receives a sponsorship card with the child’s photo, as well as regular updates on the Children at the Home. Sponsors have the opportunity to write to their sponsor child, to send cards, and to be involved in praying for and supporting their child in specific areas of need.

Through the wonderful support of our sponsors the Home receives regular ongoing financial support, as well as many “one-off” gifts for specific projects, medical bills etc. Our gifts for change program has helped to fund other specific areas of need for the home, including mosquito nets, mattresses, school uniforms and school supplies.

Fundraisers:  Holding and attending fundraiser events is a great way to get involved in supporting the home! Watch our website for upcoming fundraising events, such as our annual Zumbathon.

Mission trips: Visiting the home on one of our Kenya Missions trips is a great way to see the home, lend a hand, and come away changed for a lifetime.

Contact details: For more information on Sponsorship you contact Alyssa Cairns at and for information on Fundraising contact Rachel Habgood