Ps. John Cairns

Heather Cairns

John & Heather Victoria Cairns-Natsis
PA to John Cairns


Ps. Ken Hooper
Board Member

Ps Brenda Turner
Board Member

Ps David McCracken
Board Member
Ps David McCracken, Board Member George and Jacquline Rapando
Kenya LNI National Coordinators

Enock Okonji
JCM Kenya Projects Manager

Enock Okonji Rachel Habgood
Ex officio Board Member
African Projects Coordinator

Rachel Habgood
Burt Murdoch
LNI Connections Coordinator
Burt Murdoch Jona Espiel
LNI connections administration assistant
Jona Espiel
Jonothan Cairns
IT / Graphic Design assistant
Jonothan Cairns Nathan Olson
Web Master

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Praying you have a dynamic and powerful 2020. Blessings, John, Heather and the JCM Team

Australian Bushfires - please pray!

You will have probably seen news of the devastating bushfires that have been sweeping across Australia in previous weeks. We have been praying for rain and ask that you would join us. Please join us in asking God to send rain to put out the fires. Also pray for those fighting the fires and pray for all those who have been directly affected by the fires.