Faith and Power - Digital Download

Faith and Power - Digital Download

Includes Audio Messages:

A Better Life- Jesus desires to powerfully impact and change our lives. So many people are just existing, but Jesus said "I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of”

Faith for Life- To navigate all that life brings we must have an active faith. Learning how to trust God in all situations and circumstances.

Hold on to HIS Word- As we journey through life it is vital that we build the Word of God into our lives then hold on to His Word through every season we experience.

Suddenly- In our Christian journey we must learn to persevere and walk by Faith. But, there are also times when God breaks in upon us—Suddenly.

An Empowered Life-The Holy Spirit desires to work continually in and through our lives. He seeks to develop the character of Jesus in us and also reproduce the ministry of Jesus through us.

Life in the Spirit- The Holy Spirit enables us to experience, and enjoy, the life of God flowing in and through us everyday. We can live with an awareness of Him at work in our Christian journey.

Naturally Supernatural- We can live bold, confident and purposeful lives as we consciously connect to the dynamic power of the Holy Spirit at work in us.

Includes Video:

Moving in the Spirit- The Holy Spirit wants to have an ever increasing influence in and through our lives. He wants to flow through our lives to help us move to new levels of normal supernatural living in everyday life.

Includes Booklet:

Power of Words- So often we speak out our fears, doubts, lack and insecurities. We must learn to speak out God’s Word in all situations, not to get what we want but to set God’s Word as the standard for every area of our lives.

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